Our Services

Test, Measurement & Control Systems Integration with LabVIEW

We can help you with as much (or as little) of the development process as you like – from initial feasibility study through requirements development, hardware and software design, construction, installation, final system testing, and documentation.


Research & Development Systems

We have developed many systems for automating data collection and experiments, both for fundamental research and product development.  Our developers have advanced degrees in physics, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering — so there’s a fair chance we’ll understand not only what you want us to do, but also what you’re trying to achieve.

Proof-Of-Concept Prototyping

It is sometimes necessary to prove that a concept will work before funding full product development. A less expensive proof-of-concept prototype can often be constructed using off-the-shelf hardware and software developed using LabVIEW. The performance and ease of doing so have vastly increased with National Instruments’ introduction of the Compact RIO, R Series Multifunction RIO, and FlexRIO hardware platforms. With these we can implement complex high-speed algorithms in FPGA hardware and program deterministic control algorithms in a real-time operating system.

Design Verification Systems

A design verification test system verifies that a product meets its specifications — that it works as intended. The complexity of modern products — frequently incorporating mechanical, electrical, and firmware or software components — often necessitates an automated test system in order to capture the vast number of data points needed. These systems are also useful for testing system components or sub-assemblies early in the development process before the product design is complete, or for product characterization during the R&D phase. A subset of the design verification tests is useful for statistical sampling of product performance after production have started. If the worst happens and field returns start coming in, these systems are also invaluable tools for investigation.

Production Test, Monitoring & Control


Automating small-scale medical materials manufacturing processes; monitoring and recording temperature, humidity, and other process variables for manufacturing of medical reagents; functional testing of electronic products on the production line — these are only a few samples of projects we have completed. Gathering process data during manufacturing is critical for improving manufacturing processes and for detecting unwanted process variations.

Condition Monitoring Systems


Monitoring critical equipment for signs of impending failure can prevent unscheduled down-time from hours to days, weeks — or even months — depending on the equipment impacted. With the analysis tools of LabVIEW, we can help detect pre-failure signatures to allow scheduling maintenance before catastrophic equipment failure happens. The same methods can be used to identify common equipment failure modes and develop the most cost-effective maintenance schedule.

No project is too small

With the low overhead and flexibility of a small company, we handle even very small projects efficiently and with great care. If you’re just stuck on some details in your LabVIEW program and need an hour or two of our time – we’re still happy to help. Small application projects benefit greatly from our library of reusable code. We can therefore build high-quality and bug-free applications at a reasonable cost and schedule.


Flexibility and quality in large project development

We have established a network of partners with complementary skills and with the same high experience level as our own. Together we can handle larger projects with the same flexibility and quality as we can smaller projects.