Our Mission

To be useful and meet a real societal need in the services we offer. To improve the capabilities of our clients, our employees, and our company through the development of state-of-the-art test, measurement and automation systems.

The Saint Bernard Difference

We guarantee our work… Free bug-fixes for one year.


Unlike most software vendors, we’re confident in our ability to deliver robust code. If you find any bugs within a year after we deliver your finished project, we’ll fix them for free.

In all honesty, we didn’t institute the warranty just to be nice. Not even to stand out with our marketing. It goes deeper than that. If we wanted to (and we do) be known for delivering a quality product, we needed a mechanism for creating a culture where quality was valued. So, we made it expensive for ourselves if we failed. And we made the person creating the bug responsible for fixing it. This way everybody finds it much simpler and cheaper to follow good software engineering practices from start to finish — and works hard to root out problems before delivery. It takes many successes to build a good reputation. It takes only one failure to wreck it.

Since 2004, Saint Bernard Engineering has been developing custom high-quality test, measurement and automation applications for our customers.

We are a Certified Alliance Partner in the National Instruments Alliance program.

Our Values

To always use ethical and fair business practices and treat our clients, our colleagues, our employees, and ourselves fairly with honesty, dignity, and respect. To consider the impact on society of any project; to prioritize work that has a positive impact on the world; to reject work that results in products that are known to be, or likely to be, detrimental to health, civil liberty, or life.


Our History

Saint Bernard Engineering’s roots were formed by the need for reliable test and measurement engineering services in Minnesota’s medical alley. Since commencing operations in January 2004, Saint Bernard Engineering has gained a reputation for delivering robust and reliable systems for the medical device industry as well as for a wide range of industrial and scientific customers.

Our founder, Tore Johnsen, grew up in Norway and received his first full-time job at age 16 working for a renowned manufacturer of oceanographic instruments. The old-world emphasis on quality and reliability instilled in him there has been a guide for him ever since. He immigrated to Minnesota in 1995 and has since then focused on developing robust, reliable, and innovative test, measurement, and automation systems using LabVIEW.

Meet Our LabVIEW Consultants

Our consultants have advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Physics. Each have between 10 to 20+ year experience developing test & measurement systems using LabVIEW.

Tore Johnsen

Founder & President

Tore has programmed in LabVIEW since version 2.01 (1991) — and still enjoys getting his hands dirty when he gets a chance. Tore has a master’s degree in Physics and an undergraduate degree in electronics.

Eric Schaffer

Principal Systems Engineer

Eric has programmed in LabVIEW since 1994 and has been with Saint Bernard Engineering since 2004. He has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and decades of industry experience developing a wide range of industrial control system. Eric is our resident motion and vision expert. Eric is a Certified LabVIEW developer.

Your Name Here

Systems Engineer/Senior Systems Engineer

We are searching for an experienced LabVIEW programmer with a Masters degree in a technical or scientific field to join our accomplished team. If you think that’s you, give us a call.

Vy Tran

Senior Systems Engineer

Vy has programmed in LabVIEW since 2007 and has been with Saint Bernard Engineering since 2018. He has a PhD in Physics and an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics. Vy is a Certified LabVIEW Developer.